Re: What Should I Do With My Life? (2014)

: Kayla. Please don’t be neurotic. That was just a bashful reply. We are what I’ve always wanted.

: Hey! — I saw this thing and thought of you. On a bus to Paducah, KY…

: Ow, my heart.

: That was lovely and iconic.

: There might be a part of me that loves you.

: Emotions are strange, huh? I do miss talking to you. Though, I don’t understand how I could be “everything.”

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: k don’t know what’s local but most towns have several general practitioners to choose from and there are clinics that don’t require any appointment for care asap so no excuse better take advantage of being insurance coverage wonts always be that fortunate use it before you lose love ya dad is home if you just need to talk

: You sound quite lucid. Refer to these the next time you don’t know what to do.

: Oy, I’m sorry, gurl. I know the feeling.

: Put on some Beyonce! Some Miley! Some TSwift!

: Life takes many twists and turns and never quite ends up how we imagined it would as little girls. You have been fortunate in your endeavors, but surely it is easy to understand missing what you left behind. The unknown is what adventure lies ahead. Never forget you are a special lady. Take care.

: What a big change! That must be really difficult.

: Wow. Damn, Kayla. Well good for you. Sounds like you’re pretty grounded. I bet that was a difficult decision.

: Awesome – good for you – I’m glad you’re keeping your options open. I wasn’t completely sold on that guy. I had a crazy stalker for 2 months! That’s as close to a relationship as I’ve gotten in far too long…

: Here to talk whenever you’re ready. Miss hearing from you.

: Last night it really hit me how much the emotional distance between us changes things. I’m not connecting with people here that I want to, and I feel like there’s a gap in my social life that may take a long time to fill.

: Dear, sweet Kayla, thank you for thinking of me. I’ve secretly been reading your poems for months now. You are exceptional. I am juggling a bundle of things, but I promise to read this and write back ASAP. xoxo.

: Call me tomorrow afternoon…I didn’t even see the missed call. I think I had the phone turned off for a bit. Hey, I got an iPad!!!!!!!!!!

: I appreciate your kindly sentiments, Kayla. I plan on doing just as you’ve written, hunkering down and allowing my head to settle some.

: I have no doubt you’ll learn a lot about yourself. I know I haven’t seen my family in a year, maybe more now that I’m moving again. Just keep yourself busy. Do the things that bring you joy. Peace will come.

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