• Someday This Will All Be Gone

    Someday This Will All Be Gone

    Time tends to create an opaque membrane | with more limited optical clarity | behind the lenses of eyes | that automatically adjust for distant targets

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  • Sonnet after Sylvia Plath’s “Metaphors”

    Sonnet after Sylvia Plath’s “Metaphors”

    This house of fine fruit, melon | the yeast tendrils I’ve eaten | a two train riddle | boarded new-minted apples | in a loaf’s bag | with O syllables: | off, on. No big–

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  • Ground Cherry

    Ground Cherry

    Outside, a July sky | above the weedy meadow | amid stalks of golden rye | I bow to you. “Hello, | from what cold, clear bottle did you pop

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  • How Brief, Yet How Full

    How Brief, Yet How Full

    How brief, yet how full that first encounter | between you in your prime and me in my | secondhand life. | Hello, treasure hunter, would you like to dig through this box of mine?

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  • Sober Winter

    Sober Winter

    Waiting on a slow line at dinner hour | air hunger befalls me, symptomatic | of nothing less than a moral panic. | Life’s too short for gas station flowers and boxed wine

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  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    On looking over my harvest field | To see what crop my life might yield | I was amazed to find its state | For I had left it to its fate

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