Lunch Break Poem

Kids from the suburbs | on a field trip | to the Park Blocks | parade farmers’ market | bunches of dahlias | strawflowers, | and the lance-shaped ones | that symbolize grief. 

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How Brief, Yet How Full

How brief, yet how full that first encounter | between you in your prime and me in my | secondhand life. | Hello, treasure hunter, would you like to dig through this box of mine?

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Sober Winter

Waiting on a slow line at dinner hour | air hunger befalls me, symptomatic | of nothing less than a moral panic. | Life’s too short for gas station flowers and boxed wine

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Black Friday

On looking over my harvest field | To see what crop my life might yield | I was amazed to find its state | For I had left it to its fate

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The Domestic Interior

All of this time spent 

making and remaking home
in my latest self-image, 

into bouquets of dried memories 
laid out alive before me;

turning down the bed, 
like an envelope full of flowers, 

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