Someday This Will All Be Gone

Time tends to create an opaque membrane,with more limited optical clarity, behind the lenses of eyes that automatically adjust for distant targets,when someone, who is very fond of blue,comes near.It draws the taupe veneer of historyover the windows of the heart,goading light from the front of the house—What if I could shine from inside out?—to… Continue reading Someday This Will All Be Gone

The Raw Touch

Never is honey as rawas its origin flower, at the moment of dehiscence,giving in to the releaseof seeds, pollen, and the quiet that comes after —the spontaneous openingalong a single crackof built-in weakness,where the wound fails to heal. Mark how the wisteria behaves,dripping from a ceilingin the 1900 blockof NE Schuyler Street;how its winglike petals… Continue reading The Raw Touch

Juliet Balcony

The best human solution to the problem of grief over a lost sense of being outdoors,combined with fear of being found outis the Juliet balcony, a slight protrusion towardsStep 1: Admit powerlessness. Forecasters say heavy rains, pushing east-southeast,could knock it out on Monday morning,and what’s worse, lift my seedlings from their pots,and plant them into… Continue reading Juliet Balcony