Hi, I’m Kay.

I’m a rural-to-urban American, working class, feminist, trauma-informed poet. I write about my self/identity through the lenses of culture, class, gender, and sexuality, as it pertains to a wider audience of readers who appreciate openness and honest presentation of the human experience.

Education & Experience

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English & Women’s and Gender Studies from Wheaton College in Massachusetts. There, I published several poems in the campus literary magazine, Rushlight, performed in poetry readings and slams, and won the Helen Meyers Tate Memorial Prize for Original Verse. Since, I have published in Curbside Splendor, Atticus Review, and Z Publishing.

Professionally, I write marketing, outreach, and educational content for nonprofit organizations, schools, and small businesses. My other experience is as an educator at the K-8 level, in various personal enrichment subjects including: creative writing, visual arts, digital media, and social studies. I have taught in classrooms, after school programs and camps.

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