I Like How You Spend Your Time

I like how you spend your timebreathing— into your pelvic fire,to help signal a feeling of release,balancing contentment with desire,because it is necessary for holiness. I like how you spend your timeeating—what makes you pucker:green tea, Montmorency cherries;steeling yourself for loose hunger,and for whomever says: Yes, please. I like how you spend your timedrinking—from an… Continue reading I Like How You Spend Your Time

Crossed Trees, Dotted Skies

Out of fear of jeopardizing a nascent acquaintance, with someone who understood "small talk" as being the conversations we have on the subject of our size relative to Earth, and its size relative to the universe, I agreed -- to hop through puddles, and over the tracks; to lower my defenses against soiling my new… Continue reading Crossed Trees, Dotted Skies

Love Letter Manifesta

Starting now, I choose to adapt to a higher standard of living. Up to this point, my experience as a creature on this fine planet has been a whirligig of emotions, peace-becoming-turmoil-becoming peace-becoming-turmoil. Erratic is a good word, one which I tangentially define as “of or relating to New England weather.” I have never seen… Continue reading Love Letter Manifesta